Psychic tarot card reading $45

In-depth Tarot card reading telling you opportunities coming your way and information on a specific matter of your choice if it’s love and relationships business career health this tarot card reading will give you guidance clarity and answers to your questions.

This reading focuses on love and relationships love coming your way if he or she is the right one twin flame soulmates spiritual guidance and what the future holds for you and your significant others relationship

This reading will tell you what chakras are unaligned block or unbalanced

Hi i’m a third generation spiritual healer specializing in love Career happiness success and all other sources call text or dm to have your reading done


Tells what about past present future love and romance business career goes 5 years into the future answers all questions

$250 +

Full 7 chakra alignment

Palm reading $25

Full reading $60

Psychic Paula

Align balance and unblock any of your 7 chakras

Love reading $35

Chakra reading $50

Reading tells you about your personality, and character, you get to ask 2 questions, and make 2 wishes.